Remodeling Process

We know that starting a new project can be an overwhelming undertaking, especially if you’ve never gone through the process before. Washa Construction, Inc. uses a detail-oriented start-up process to ensure we’re meeting your specifications and overall goals.


1. Washa Construction, Inc. visits you at your home for an initial meeting. We’ll discuss the project with you to ensure we fully understand your budget and your goals.

2. We provide you with an initial estimate. Upon your approval of the cost range, we will then make drawings of the project. Final pricing will be based on these drawings. This process will be repeated, if necessary, to meet your goals.

3. Once you’ve accepted the proposal, the project and payment schedule will be set.

4. Washa Construction, Inc. will obtain all the necessary building permits, and construction will begin.

5. Prior to the completion of the project, a punch-list will be created to ensure all the project specifications have been completed.

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